Saturday, June 1, 2013

Inspired by Darcy


Darcy has been inspiring us this week over at the paperartsy blog. Do go and have a look her work is amazing.

I decided to make some coasters like Darcy, but couldn't find any cork ones so ended up using bamboo ones instead. I started by putting some Fresco paints onto the coasters and then scraping down . Looks a bit of a mess here but stay with me.

Then I sprayed with Colourwash through stencils - now this is where I started not to like my coasters - I only have one colourwash which was Cranberry. This made my coasters pink! Then covered with Snowflake.

Then I stamped some JOFY stamped to the coasters and then once dry used baby wipes to rub back. Once dry I then covered with Satin Glaze - this caused the colourwash to run (will have to ask Darcy what she used), but still gave a nice effect. Then painted round then edges with Old Gold paint.

I think that they are too pink, but will have another go with a different colour spray.